This course explores the development of Euro-¬‐Atlantic security institutions and compares security policy in the United States and Europe. Initial focus begins with a discussion of the concept of security and a selected review of international relations theorizing on interstate alliances and security structures. The bulk of the course addresses concrete Transatlantic institutions and policies, beginning with NATO as the institution bridging security policy in the United States and Europe from the post-¬‐World War II period through the Cold War and its aftermath and continuing through NATO enlargement and missions in the  Balkans and Afghanistan. The growth of European Union security institutions, particularly the evolution of Common Security and Defense Policy, is another important focus, as are recent rifts in Transatlantic relations. The triangular relationship between NATO, the EU, and Russia is also considered. These relations provide a context for interpreting the2014 crisis in Ukraine. The final week concludes with questions about the future of Transatlantic security.