TAM Class of 2017 student Jessica Parks is interning at iJet International, and wrote a reflection on her work and how it complements her TAM experience.

jessica-parks-150x150This summer, I am interning with the Client Services team at iJet International, a travel risk management company based in Annapolis, Maryland. Every week, I prepare a report that goes to the senior leadership team; I also update a weekly dashboard with current data and prepare account reviews for clients. Though I work remotely (commuting to the office once a week), Skype, e-mail, Cisco Jabber and other applications have kept me connected to the team. I have even completed projects for account managers in London and Singapore, the two other locations in which iJet has offices. I also have two forthcoming opportunities to present account reviews I have done directly to clients, a job that is normally done by an account manager. Every project I have completed thus far has been integral to the functioning of the company, and I am glad that my internship has been such a substantive experience.

This internship with iJet has fit well within my broader TAM experience. Not only is my supervisor a TAM alum, but I also work with a few other TAM grads. I’m seeing the “TAM-ily” in action! Additionally, it is fascinating to observe on a regular basis how world events—such as the recent failed coup in Turkey—have a concrete impact on businesses with employees and assets overseas. My work with iJet has allowed me to apply my TAM coursework and international experience in a very real and valuable way.

Jessica A. Parks
M.A. Political Science (Trans-Atlantic Studies)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2017