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Notes about the International Youth Conference 2020

by Julia Strandquist – TAM Class of 2021


Last week, I had the great opportunity to participate at the International Youth Conference 2020, organized by the International Youth Think Tank, together with 21 other European youths. Over the course of 4 days we discussed democracy and how to create a sustainable open society. On the final day we were able to present several proposals that we believe would enhance democracy globally. During the first days, we listened to inspirational scholars, politicians, and executives, which created the basis for our discussions and ideas during the following days. As we discussed the issues that we identified as threats or challenges to democracy and an open society, we came up with three main areas that need to be addressed in order to enhance democracy: good information, which includes both education and media; empowering political participation; and supportive governance. The conference was concluded by two presentations of our ideas and proposals, one at the Gothenburg Democracy Day 2020 futures of Democracy and one at International IDEA 25th Anniversary Webinar for a sustainable future.

The conference was an extremely valuable experience, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic when it is even more important to fight for democracy and a sustainable open society. I am eager to continue to work for a democratic and open society globally, and I am especially pleased to have met other youths from around Europe that are equally passionate.

Our proposals are developed in the Conference preliminary report, which can be found here and the presentations can be viewed here.

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