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This virtual event is part of the TransAtlantic Masters Program Fall Friday Lecture Series and 2021 Campus Weeks.

Virtual panel with Professors Konrad Jarausch, Christiane Lemke, Dominic Nyhuis, and Helga Welsh along with a special guest speaker from the German Embassy – Markus Teglas.

The 2021 German elections will have far-reaching consequences for domestic politics as well as for the future of Europe. The weakness of traditional mainstream parties, including the Social Democrats but also the CDU, the rise of the Greens and the challenge from the far-right leave prospects for the next coalition government uncertain. The following questions will be addressed: How do we explain the decline of major parties? What is behind the rise of the Greens and which role will they play in the future? What is the most likely government coalition and which direction will the new government follow? What is the impact of the elections on Europe and the European Union? What is left from Angela Merkel´s legacy?

Please find more information and register in advance to receive a Zoom link here.

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