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Transatlantic Seminar Mini-Conference

As part of the POLI 733 class, European Institutions and Integration, TAM students took with Prof. Christiane Lemke this fall, a mini conference was held. Students prepared a three-to-four minute informal presentation of a research question, method and preliminary findings.  A short Q&A section followed the presentations.

Please see below for the topics presented:


Monday, November 29, 2021

1:00-1:30 pm

Panel I Borders, Security, and Human Rights in Europe


“The role of NGOs in the EU and their influence on policymaking and implementation: The Case of Border Control”

“PESCO: Examining Geographical Cleavages in European Defense Cooperation”

”Defining a European strategic culture”

“The EU’s Arctic Policy: Securing and Expanding its Foreign Policy Interests”


1:35-2:05 pm

Panel II Policies of the EU


“Adapting to the Digital Age: Data Privacy Policy in the European Union”

“The EU’s response to Covid-19”

“Financing the European Green Deal: Neoliberal or Not?”

“Contradictions of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and its “commitment” to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals“

“Comparing EU carbon policy”


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Panel III Climate Change, Energy, and Economic Policies of the EU   1:00-1:30 pm


“Environmental Justice Policy in the European Union: An Incohesive and Patchwork Approach”

“EU energy policy and the conflict about Nordstream 2”

“Greece’s response to the Eurozone Crisis: 2008 – 2018”

“Game-Changers: EU Values and German Fußball Governance”


Panel IV Migration and Asylum Policy 1:30-2:05 pm


“The asylum and refugee policy of the EU”

“How the Great Migration of 2015 impacted the immigration policies of the EU”

“The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility: Problems of Region-Building and Multilevel Governance”.

“Embattled Citizenship: Conceptions of French Identity”

“Understanding Human Trafficking in the EU”

“Prostitution in the EU: Conflicts over regulation.”

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