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We are very pleased to announce that the UNC Graduate School has approved a new track of the TAM Program: Comparative Climate Change Policy (CCCP).

This new academic path will enable students to focus on comparative climate change policy in the US and the EU and to simultaneously earn MA degrees from UNC-CH and the overseas partner site where they study in their second year of the program. Participating sites will include three of our existing and well-established partners: Gothenburg University in Sweden, the Humboldt University in Berlin, and the VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Students in TAM’s new track will emerge with a comprehensive understanding of climate change policies and the EU’s institutional mechanisms for enacting them at the supra-national, member-state and local levels. Students will also learn how environmental policies have developed in the US. They will examine the role of the states versus the federal government in writing policies into law. Further investigations will look at the impact of other stakeholders such as transnational firms and the ways in which these companies adhere to sustainable practices and how non-governmental organizations promote eco-friendly practices. Strong emphasis will be placed on the inequity that arises as a result of these policies and practices and on nefarious efforts to subvert sustainability goals. We believe issues of social justice remain central to all aspects of this emerging field.

We anticipate that our new track of TAM will prepare students to pursue jobs as environmental compliance officers, lobbyists, economists, researchers, journalists, policy analysts, data scientist, and educators.

We wish to thank our TAM graduates, in particular, Eva Patrashkova ’09, who consulted with us on the development of this new TAM track. We expect to launch this track in Fall 2023.

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