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We asked a few TAM students to share their Summer 2023 updates. While some students choose to rest and refresh during the summer months between TAM years, others take on internships, jobs, and / or language training. Please read a few accounts below. We are proud of all of our TAM students and wish them a healthy and safe summer.


Sinan Arda ’24

Sinan is pursuing the TAM Transatlantic Track and will be spending his semester abroad in England. Before returning to Europe, he was able to immerse himself in D.C. work culture and complete two internships under his Fulbright visa sponsorship while simultaneously working as a remote Research Assistant for UNC’s Chair of Global Studies. At the Bertelsmann Foundation, Sinan drafted foresight material for the crowdsourced forecasting platform “RANGE”  (Rethinking Assumptions in a New Geostrategic Environment) and worked on publications focusing on technology policy. In addition to his Bertelsmann position, Sinan supported the American Friends of the Humboldt Foundation by conducting outreach and research on transatlantic science policy. Working and living in D.C. enriched his experience in the U.S., and he recommends all international students look for professional opportunities beyond the university campus, if possible.





Kalum Rock ’24

After returning to Germany following my year in Chapel Hill, I spent most of my time taking a well-deserved break from academics and reconnecting with family and friends. I also got a visit in my home town of Nuremberg from my good friend and TAMily member Alex, who wanted to experience some German history.

Then, a few weeks ago, as a member of the United Nations Society Nuremberg, I was fortunate enough to be offered an observer position for a NATO Civilian-Military exercise near Hannover. There, military personnel from 26 nations were coming together for the annual Joint Cooperation (JOCO) of the Multinational Civilian-Military Cooperation (CIMIC). During the two-week exercise, about 350 soldiers and around 200 role players from municipal administration, business, and emergency services participated in a simulation of a crisis event, practicing for a worst-case scenario. As an observer, I got to accompany the teams to their operation sites and was also able to give some feedback on their performance from the perspective of a civilian.

Before I will continue my studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in October, I am also very fortunate to have secured an internship position at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Berlin, which I will start in August. There I will support the Sovereign Europe project, which aims to analyze the various global interdependencies of the EU, and examines how the EU can preserve and strengthen its capacity to act by strategically managing those interdependencies. I am very excited to gain some practical experience as a supplement to my academic work!



Tim Frie ’24

Tim is on the European Governance Track and will be spending his second year of TAM in at the University of Bremen Germany. Currently Tim is completing an internship at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. As part of the Europe Program, Tim has had to the opportunity to learn about the importance of business interests and the process of advocating on their behalf both domestically and abroad. The internship has combined his BA and interest in Economics with core aspects of the TAM curriculum. Tim has had the opportunity to engage with alumni, utilize his unique experience in TAM, and fully immerse himself into the D.C. life.

Kara Gilmore ’24

This summer, I’m spending 10 weeks interning with the State Department at the US Mission to the United Nations in NYC. I spend most of my time attending various meetings with Foreign Service Officers at UN headquarters. I’m loving the opportunity to meet people who’ve been all over the globe and worked on all kinds of important issues. It’s also been great to have the chance to explore New York City! Every day is a unique experience in New York, especially at the UN.

Chloe Kofman ’24

This summer I have the wonderful opportunity to improve my Italian skills with the support of a US Department of Education Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) award. I’m currently in Sicily, the southernmost region of Italy, studying at an accredited language school and living with a local family. I’m in class four days per week, and outside of class there’s time to explore my city (Siracusa) as well as other fascinating places, like Mt. Etna. This is one of the most formative experiences of my life, and I feel very fortunate to be here and have a chance to represent both UNC and the US in a positive light. If you come to Sicily, get yourself a granita and brioche for breakfast (or anytime, if you’re like me) — you won’t regret it!

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